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Fall Renewal

I think that autumn is the perfect time to be an introvert-- the beginning of spring is sort of an expansive time-- so this autumnal equinox is much more appealing to me, where I don't need to apologize for wanting to have quiet time. I think as I age I am much more conscious of the subtle changes in colors. Here in Virginia we won't have peak colors for several weeks, but if there is a word for the early autumn blush of yellow leaves, I would like to know what it is.

I am looking forward to teaching a few new classes, as we are conditioned to "go back to school" in September, I always have new enrollments. What I enjoy is working on drawing lessons and designing subject matter for my students, and I get to participate and practice drawing myself. It keeps me humble. Most of these demos and samples for classes I am not inclined to finish and so they get stored in a drawer.

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